Some fun facts about me are I actually have been continuing school to study mental health counseling because I also want to work part time as a mental health counselor in the school system.

I can't get enough of homemade brownies. I could eat a whole pan in a day if I didn't stop my self haha. Ironically, my second favorite food I can't get enough of is salad. A perfectly made salad is like a healthy dream come true haha.

My favorite colors are pink and teal

I actually cosplay on the side. It started as a fun hobby back when I was in high school and I just continue doing while meeting up with old friends at conventions.

I watch korean dramas and listen to kpop. Kpop is surprisingly popular now, but I liked before then haha. Korean Dramas are good. I recommend them to anyone especially if you thought Crazy Rich Asian was good.

I love learning about different cultures and trying new food.

Hello! My Name is Mary Winford. I am a DC wedding photographer who loves shooting weddings in Washington DC, but I shoot other places as well. I'm always excited to explore a new area. I was born and raised in North Carolina. I now live in Fredericksburg Virginia. It was a big change considering I've lived in North Carolina all my life, but I still travel back and forth to see my family. I am happy I have many awesome pictures to look back at when I miss them. Family and sharing memories with the people I care about is so important to me. That's one of the reasons why photography is so important to me. I love seeing my clients look back at their pictures and smile because they remember how happy they were. This is the main reason I do what I do. This is what love to do the most in the world. Sharing something so precious with my clients, being there with them throughout everything to capture their day and share their story with the world. It is all a blessing to me. 

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