Debanhi and Paul Downtown Fredericksburg

These two were the winners of my engagement giveaway. Debanhi and Paul were so excited and dedicated to getting their engagement photos done. There was a scary virus going around and even though it was not active in our county at the time, we still had to be careful. This adorable couple drove an hour to shoot with me and even with the clouds quickly darkening the sunset, we made it work. We found beautiful locations in downtown Fredericksburg. I have never shot in downtown Fredericksburg before since I had just moved to this area. So, it was wonderful getting to explore my new home. There were so many beautiful places here to shoot than I had even imagined. Debanhi and Paul were so sweet and a natural at posing. They brought two outfits for the engagement shoot, and they looked sooo cute together! I will get to work with them again at their wedding! They are planning a two day wedding. The first day will be at the Philadelphia temple and the other day will be with the rest of their family and friends in Virginia. Their wedding will be gorgeous! I am so happy I was able to give them the gift of beautiful engagement photos.

March 30, 2020

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