Picture wedding guest book & Custom invites

Where is the best place to get custom invites and guest books? That’s what many brides want to know when they start planning their wedding. With wedding photography, invitation suites are a very important part of your wedding details you want captured. You usually pick out a particular invitation style because it either matches your wedding aesthetic, wedding colors, the essence of your relationship or all of the above. That is why many people consider it an important factor and they bring their invitation suites to be photographed. I personally love styling invitation suites at weddings using flowers, ribbon or anything special you want to bring for me to use me to use πŸ˜‰ so that it looks beautiful and special to you πŸ₯°.

Basic Invite

There is one invitation Brand I find to be really amazing for my clients. It’s called Basic Invite. Their invitations are completely customizable. They have almost unlimited colors so that they can easily blend in with your wedding colors which is perfect if you want everything to be cohesive. There are 180 different colors and you can actually change the color of any little detail, and they even let you order a sample to test the quality of the paper before you buy and believe me, it’s great quality! Their custom invitations aren’t like any brand out there because they actually let you customize everything down to the last detail.

When you are creating your invite online, you get previews instantly so, you can figure out what would look best before you order it. 😊

Guest Book

So, what about guest books? Guest books are also an important factor of the wedding day and can also be photographed beautifully along with you invites. Basic Invite has a Picture wedding guest book which is such a unique touch compared to an average guest book. Your guests would love seeing your beautiful faces across the guest book as they sign it 😊. You can customize the guest book as well by choosing your font whether you want something elegant and romantic or something bold!

I personally wish I had gotten a picture guest book for my wedding. 😍

Anyways, I hope this post was helpful. You can find these products at www.basicinvite.com 😊 Good luck wedding planning!

October 19, 2020

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