Savannah & Jacob Engagement At the Washington DC Jefferson Memorial -

Savannah & Jacob Engagement At the Washington DC Jefferson Memorial

I had a lot of fun working with such a fabulous couple in Washington DC at the Jefferson Memorial. The day was pretty foggy, but we were able to get some good lighting.

These two were so photogenic and sweet😍 and their love story is so sweet.

How did their love story start? Their feelings slowly grew over time as they continued to get to know each other. Jacob says “falling in love with her was one of the easiest things in the world.”

He knew she was the one for him and once it was time to pick out ring, the Jeweler helped him by saying it will be ready in months, but he bought the ring two weeks later, went to the chapel at the marine corps museum, and proposed to Savannah. This venue was special to them as Jacob is currently a marine and Savannah’s father retired from the marines after 20 years of service. The chapel also displays their shared love of God. They decided to meet up at the location. Jacob arrived 30 minutes before her and was nervous and Savannah looked as beautiful as ever. 

Jacob states “I escorted her to the front of the Chapel, carrying the little box for the ring in my hand, and got down on my right knee when we reached the front of the Chapel. I told her “you are the love of my life and the light of my world; I never want to live life without you. So, Savannah Brynn McKinney, will you marry me?” Savannah paused for a moment which Jacob thought felt like an eternity as he wanted more than anything for her to say yes. She finally uttered a yes. They couldn’t have been happier in that moment, and that happiness hasn’t faded as they await their marriage.

February 17, 2021

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