Steven & Francis

I had been looking forward to shooting Steven and France’s wedding at the beautiful Moore Springs Manor. I was so happy these two got together. We went to high school together and it is so nice to see good people find love. I had a lot of fun listening to Francis’ ideas during the planning process. She was so excited to have her wedding. Unfortunately, the wedding had to be postponed to a later date because of Covid19, but in the end, they had a beautiful day filled with their closest friends and family.

Their Story:

These two met each other in high school. They became best friends. They continued to get closer and closer and eventually Steven finally asked Francis out. He proposed at their annual Christmas party that they throw every year because he wanted to propose in front of all the people they care about. Francis says she knew it was coming, but just didn’t know when. She didn’t think he was going to do then, but they already knew they wanted to get married.

The Bride and Groom

Francis considers Steven to be trustworthy and dependable and Steven says “Francis is literally the kindest person with the biggest heart. A heart she shares with everyone through her brilliant smile and infatuating laugh.”

Best Part of Planning

Their Favorite part of Planning their wedding was getting to spend so much time together and coming up with ideas, making their dream come alive

October 24, 2020

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